If you want cheap insurance companies in singapore then you must make sure you take some time out to read and understand the things that shape your rates. There are many factors that are used to calculate your motor insurance. In this article, I’ll take my time to talk about one that most people neglect to their disadvantage…

Did you ask how much it will cost to insure your car before you bought it? Did you ask if there was a comparable car that cost far less to insure than the make you bought? The difference could be huge.

Over years, motor insurance providers have built a database that tells them the crash frequency of a particular car make. They also know cars that cost a little more to repair. Finally, they’ll tell you that some cars are more likely to be stolen than others.

If the car you bought has all these three traits then you’ll certainly find it hard to get cheap motor insurance. You can do yourself a huge favor. Before you buy your car, get a list of comparable cars and then visit a quotes site and then input your information (the same for all the cars on your list apart from details for each car which should change each time). The quotes returned will show you which is the most expensive to insure and which is the least to insure. To get clear results, do this on the same quotes site.

But if you already have the car in question, you’ll still get cheap motor insurance by visiting a car insurance quotes site. However, you’ll use a different strategy: Visit at least three different sites and input exactly the same information in them all. You’ll get a total of around 15 quotes from the three of them. Compare your quotes. This is the guaranteed way for you to get cheap motor insurance.